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Only performance counts

I started working as a young entrepreneur in the international conference, event and entertainment industry. While studying Drama and Contemporary Music Theatre at Amsterdam University of the Arts I discovered my talent for creating events and chose to become a professional organizer. 


As a young entrepreneur I staged conferences, seminars, corporate events and musical concerts for some of the largest global corporations and performers alike including Coca-Cola, American Bankers Assoc., Metal Bulletin, Honda, Tupperware, Cap Sogeti, Frank Sinatra, Charles Aznavour, Neil Diamond, Liza Minelli, Andy Williams a.o.

Pioneering new media

On a visit to the U.S. I got attracted by the emerging new media technology. Already in 1982 I foresaw the enormous market potential of online services, even here in Europe. I decided to change my career into this direction.


Innovative Digital Publishing

I started at ITT World Directories as a manager in marketing, sales and product development for Yellow Pages and their new digital business directories➤ 

Then I was asked to work as a commercial director for Pernod Ricard but after a year quickly returned to the media sector where I held general management positions at a Dutch cable TV news operator and the Netherlands's first network for PC users. When I merged the network with KPN I became responsible for marketing their national value added services. in 1987 Elsevier's Weekly named me "​ of the true pioneers paving the electronic highways of the future....."​.


World-class Networked Multimedia

At KPN I discovered a growing need for networked multimedia, left the company and co-founded in 1992 CDMATICS in a strategic partnership with Philips. The collaboration focused on the development of TeleCD introducing the world's first networked multimedia application➤ based on a coupling of the new Philips multimedia platform with telephony networks. With leading food retailer Albert Heijn as launch customer, CDMATICS gained worldwide recognition and was awarded multiple times.


Connecting the Dots: e-Commerce

When Philips acquired the source codes in 1996, I changed the company focus to Internet consulting and project management. From that moment I developed and led many media technology and e-commerce projects➤ for international companies

Jonne van der Drift

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