"I have had the pleasure to work with Jonne during several projects, both as a collegue and partner in business. His rare combination of strategic insights, practical approach, perseverance and ability to 'connect' to all levels of the organization has always contributed to achieving our joint goals. Highly recommended!"

Luc Stakenborg

Technical Consultant Philips, CTO Quasset

"During the many years we worked together, I discovered that Jonne has a very innovative mind. But most impressive I find his unique way of handling challenges during the process of realization. He is very good in balancing the factual -How do we reach our goals?- and the human - How can I convince you that it is also good for you?- levels of change."

Kees Gabriëls

CEO Neckermann, CEO Het Talentbedrijf

“Jonne always has the ideas long time before others even think about it. A natural leader with a very creative mind”

Monika Hanses

Project Manager dmc Digital Media Center

"When I started working for Neckermann, Jonne had already created a solid ground for developing our E-commerce activity to a higher level. He was a strongly focused people manager with thorough understanding of what still had to become the major channel for Distance Selling companies."

Jan Bosse

Marketing Manager Neckermann

"I know Jonne van der Drift as a pleasant person, good in organising, computers and keeping the spirits high."

Pieter Kroon

Partner Ernst & Young

"Jonne is a very competent, creative and reliable person, an expert in online marketing and sales. Someone you would want on your project or management team."

Ron Kindt

Merchandise Manager, Neckermann Benelux

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